Webinars & Live Streaming

You could say that we were pioneers of webinars and live streaming.

We’ve been producing and streaming webinars for clients across the UK and Europe since 2006, long before they were as well-known and valued as they are today.

We can produce Webinars for your clients or as a critical tool for your corporate marketing and communications, or training and events, etc.

Focus Video for Webinar and Live Streaming Video Production

We offer a versatile and flexible webinar service which can help you reach as wide an audience as possible without the extra costs of a venue and travel expenses.

We can provide expertise from simply support for the online event itself, right through to a fully managed service spanning a branded microsite for hosting, registration, reminders, creating compelling content and if necessary a paywall.

After the live webinar we can turn it into a podcast, or online video so you can get extra value out of it.

Of course the crucial element is the webinar content itself. So we provide advice on techniques to best present to a virtual audience, help you prepare the materials, and support you with rehearsals. Our webinars can be pre-recorded or streamed live from multiple locations, your offices or our studios.

Whatever the size of your audience, we’ve the capacity to support you. We use a server farm in the UK able to support audiences of up to 20,000, and we can add additional streaming capacity if needed.

However large or small an audience, we endeavour to ensure your event is as productive and effective as possible.

Contact us discuss your streaming requirements.