Green Screen

Green Screen

There are times when a presentation needs extra information to help inform the audience. These are often graphics or visuals where the presenter wants to remain in focus.

By filming the presenter in front of a green screen any still, moving image or graphics and animation can be put behind or alongside them. These graphics and images are very useful to help attract and retain an audience and also enhance the information provided.

green screen studio available for hire in southampton, hampshire

Green screen studio available in Southampton, Hampshire for interviews, product marketing and all website videosGreen screen is a highly effective way to add additional visual information that can be edited alongside and behind the presenter. It is what broadcast TV does.

The format that information can be created and edited in is very variable – text, graphics, images, video and animation. Editing is done during post-production or live via a mixing desk. This is the method that is used for TV weather reports and election night updates.

At our Hamble Studio we have a Chromakey / Green Screen studio with lighting and autocue. We can also provide mobile studio green screen facilities on location.

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Green Screen Rocks

The Brief was to build a green screen space from scratch in several European cities. We were to meet certain people in each of those cities and they would perform for us.

But lighting and shooting green screen is an art-form. Here, Andy on camera and Dave on lights put on a show of their own. But then, they’ve done it once or twice before. So naturally it all worked beautifully.