Presentation Skills Coaching

Presentation Skills Coaching

It really isn’t as easy as it sometimes looks!

We’re talking about presenting, whether to camera, a microphone, an audience or the media.

Nerves, uncertainty of the audience’s reception and lack of preparation can all cause our performance to be negatively impacted on the day.

presentation skills coaching training in Southampton, Hampshire

Sometimes even a skilled, confident presenter finds it hard to speak naturally to a microphone, green screen or video camera. In fact the lack of an audience can become an issue. This is especially true in webinars where they are speaking to an audience they cannot see!

So as part of our holistic service, we provide presentation and communication skills training and coaching. Working closely with presenters, whether experienced or new to it, we help them develop the content, refine and practice their style, pace and tone. These skills are equally applicable whether in front of the camera or microphone, or a physical or online audience.

We record the presentation so clients experience their own performance as their audience would. They therefore gain a valuable insight into their technique, and we help coach them to perfect it. Many clients have been extremely grateful for the extra confidence-boosting support. Even simple practice sessions can work wonders when we add our critical and creative feedback. We help people professionalise and optimise their professional presentations.

If needs be, we’ll give advice on body language, clothing choice and vocabulary, helping people to avoid unnecessary jargon, develop rapport with the audience and deliver an engaging and effective presentation.

Focus MD Adrian Moss will be your trainer and coach. Adrian has had over 35 years’ communications experience and has coached many executives all over the world from the public and private sectors. He brings extensive practical communications experience to every session.

Presentation looming?

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