Audio and Video Production Workshop

Audio and Video Production Workshop

We know from our clients that once they start using audio and video they discover just how really effective it is and want even more!

This workshop is aimed at organisations that want to start self-recording to maximise the content available and perhaps use us for post-production (editing).

audio and video marketing training workshop, southampton, hampshire

Hands-On Training

In this workshop we will look at the techniques used to create and produce great audio and video content for use in podcasts, interviews, internal employee communications and ‘rich-media’ newsletters.

We will look at planning, scripting and recording techniques both ‘down-the-line’ via Skype and face-to-face using a hand-held digital recorders and single-person video interviews.

What will you learn?

You will learn how a production company plans and records audio and video content so you can start to self-produce.

This will include information on how to:

  • plan and conduct audio and video interviews
  • use audio and video recording equipment
  • reduce unnecessary and expensive re-shoots and edits
  • maximise the value of ‘cutaways’ and multi-purpose shooting
  • maximise the value of serialisation to retain audiences

At the end of the session you will be able to specify the equipment you need, know how to plan the recording and conduct it and send it to a studio for post-production editing.

Who should attend?

Marketing and customer facing staff who want to create audio and video content to communicate externally more effectively.

HR staff who want to understand how to create and use audio and video content to enhance employee recruitment, communication and training.


This training is available on request at our studio.


The briefings are held in our studios in Southampton (Directions).

Numbers are restricted to a maximum of 5 people (ideal for team training) to ensure time for practical use of equipment and the techniques needed to record content.

Training is also available at your own offices.

Who leads it?

The sessions are led by Adrian Moss with additional support from Focus editors.

Adrian has over 30 years experience of marketing – 20 years on the client side and 10 years in agencies. He commissioned his first video in 1977 when working at 3M UK as an accountant but it was from 1984 that he began regularly commissioning and managing he production of videos for marketing and employee engagement and training. In 2004 he moved into audio and video production full time when he co-founded Focus. Since then he has worked with hundreds of clients in the UK, USA and across mainland Europe.