Mayflower 400 – Southampton Tour

As part of the celebrations for the Mayflower 400 anniverary sailing to the US, Focus researched and produced a documentary on the back story to the journey.

As a locally based company with a track record of working on heritage projects we were invited join the Southampton Group of the MayflowerUK project in 2017.

We started work on two websites to help give people a better insight and understanding of the story.  The Mayflower passenger web site showed the places in England where they were born.  The New World Tapestry presented the story of an amazing 20 year community engagement project started in the 1980s researching and telling the story of overseas exploration and settlement in the C16th and C17th.

Mayflower 400 DVD produced for the anniversary of the sailingThe Mayflower400 DVD was our 3rd and final delivery.  Our objective was to explore the historic changes that led to the sailing and showcase many of the places connected to it.  Over a period of 2 years we met and interviewed many academics and experts to get a better insight and travelled around England and Leiden in Holland to capture images of the key places associated with the story.

One of the places featured in the DVD was our home town of Southampton.  This is the port where the Mayflower and the Speedwell rendezvoused and provisioned for their voyage to America.


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