Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

Inhouse training video produced in 2020 for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service following a fatal fire in the city.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service undertook a Fatal Accident Investigation following a fire in Manchester where Fire Fighter Stephen Hunt sadly died.  The report was presented at the Coroners Inquest and as result of the lessons learnt a series of actions were undertaken.

GMRFS wanted a video created that would tell the story of the incident and the lessons learnt so that it could be used as part of the ongoing training and education of Fire Fighters and Officers in Great Manchester and around the country to reduce the chances of a similar tragedy happening in the future.

Our role was to work with the team from GMFRS to create a training video that would be in two parts.  A record of the incident plus a summary of the key actions taken internally to improve operational and incident response.

We were given full access to the Investigation Report, key members of the GMFRS team, and all content provided to the Coroners Inquest including CCTV, Fire Appliance cameras and still images.

We had agreed at the outset of the project that we would use a timeline starting from the first 999 phone call to the point 4 hours later where Fire Fighter Hunt and his partner were rescued from the building after getting into difficulties.

We reviewed many hours of audio and video recordings and examined the status of the fire and the location and actions of GMFRS personnel.  We were also able to use building plans, CCTV and Google Earth images to help people get a better insight into the situation and how it developed over time.  Part two of the video examined a number of the key actions taken by GMFRS in terms of operational training and incident management.

It was a challenging project in that there was so much material from many different sources to review and select what would help tell the story in a factual and informative way, whilst at the same time being aware of the emotional impact on all those involved especially Fire Fighter Hunt’s family and his colleagues who were on duty that night and those who knew Stephen and served with him at Philips Park Community Fire Station.

We worked closely with the GMFRS team at all stages to ensure that the location of all equipment and personnel were accurate as was the condition of the fire throughout the incident.  This required regular review meetings to discuss the proposed content and review iterative builds throughout the project.

The finished video was reviewed and approved by key members of GMFRS, the senior management team, the Fire Brigades Union and the family of Fire Fighter Stephen Hunt.

The video is now available on the GMFRS online training portal and will be shared with other Fire and Rescue Services across the UK.