Filming at Nene Valley Railway

Filming The Flying Scotsman Steam Locomotive at Nene Valley Railway as part of a promotional video location shoot for a client.

We visited Nene Valley Railway Limited to complete a video promotional shoot for a client who supplies ticketing software to heritage railways in the UK.

It is always great to be asked to film at public events as there is always so much going on.  Whilst we plan the shoot carefully we also have to be on standby to be able to react to any opportunity of a different shot occurring.  On this particular day Loco 4472 was going to be in town.  She is more commonly known as the “Flying Scotsman” – built almost 100 years ago she holds two world records and always draws large crowds.

Flying Scotsman Steam Locomotive Train at Nene Valley Railway Station

Prior to the event we had spoken to the client and Nene Valley Railways to plan and agree the shoot. As with any public event safety is of paramount importance so careful planning is needed. We also needed to discuss and agree the shots we would be capturing to ensure the final edit met the client’s requirement.

Having found an ideal location we conducted interviews with members of railway staff.

We then moved onto location shots using the list we had complied from our discussions with the client and Nene Valley Railway staff. We also got as many shots as possible of the ‘Flying Scotsman’ as we could see just how popular she was with the public.

We got all types of shots, including passengers and all the trains on display and running that day. We also filmed places which the visitors don’t often see, such as the train workshop and the train driver operating area.

Whilst filming we also interviewed members of the public to get their impressions of the ease of booking tickets to the event.

To capture the ‘feel’ of the event we used the GoPro for wide angle shots of the thousands of passengers watching the trains coming in and out of the station.

We are currently at the editing stage this and three other videos for our client, but below is a taster of the ‘Flying Scotsman’ arriving at the Nene Valley railway station