BIHIMA Summit Podcasts

Focus provided audio recording for Olive Communications at a BIHIMA summit which was recorded for use in a series of podcasts to help spread greater understanding about dementia and hearing loss.

We were asked by our client to record a cross-sector experts’ summit for their client the British and Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (BIHIMA) being held at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London.

At the summit the experts discussed ongoing research into hearing loss as a risk factor in developing dementia, as well as highlighting the preventative role of hearing technology.

Our client wanted the summit to be recorded so that a series of podcasts of the events discussion could be used to help spread greater understanding about dementia and hearing loss.

The audio podcasts can be found on the BIHIMA web site (

We were asked to attend the meeting and record the round table.

As with any such event there is a lot of planning involved (especially in London!) .  It starts by selecting a room that works for both the summit itself and all the kit required for the recording. We also have to ensure we can get early enough access to set-up and test everything.  Most of the buildings in London were never designed and built with loading and unloading all our AV equipment in mind.

We recorded two sessions – a series of presentations from the experts attending the meeting and a round-table discussion.  The agenda and running order meant that to ensure full flexibility and best sound quality we used a mix of radio and desk top mics.  The mixing desk was set up to so that it could maintain clear eye contact with the participants to ensure we had the right mics live at the right time.

After the event we edited the audio recording of the presenters into their PowerPoint slide set to create an MP4 version that people could play out so hearing what the presenter said while watching the slides.

This then was used by the client to provide a valuable online resource of the latest research and discussions for those interested in dementia and hearing loss.