Beaulieu Hot Rod and Custom Show

Over the years we have covered many events at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in
Hampshire.  Having done so many it is not easy to highlight but three stand out – the 50th
International Autojumble, the Simply Hot Rod event and the interview of Sir Sterling Moss by Murray Walker.

The Simply Hot Rod events bring together a diverse range of motor enthusiasts who invest time,
effort and money to blend motor engineering with creative arts.  The result is a unique form of
transport.  Rather akin to be able to drive a statue or painting on the road – as strange as that may seem.  Interviewing the car owners, who are in many cases are their creators, it is impossible not to share their enthusiasm and passion for the project as well as admire the blend of artistry and engineering.  When combined with all the music, dancing, clothes, and associated products and services with it makes it a heady mix.

Here’s a glimpse of a previous Hot Rod Event:-


Covid has badly impacted 2020 and 2021 events but I am sure the this year’s Hot Rod event on 20th June will be well attended.

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