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Engaging Audiences through Video and Audio

We are an audio-video production company based in Hampshire and Cambridgeshire.  Since 2003 we have been helping clients all around the world use the power of audio and video to create compelling content for employee and customer engagement and education campaigns.  We have both communications and technical experts in-house to help you get your messages across effectively in any country and any language.

Video Production

video production company southampton

Our skilled production crews and studio team are ready to help you create impactful video.

  • Studio & Location Filming
  • Sound & Lighting
  • Post-Production / Editing
  • Greenscreen / Chromakey Studio
  • Multi-format Output
  • Live & Virtual Events / Conferences

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Audio Production

Voiceover and audio production, Southampton, Hampshire

For podcasts, broadcasts, audio-books, translations and more.  We have the kit and experts to hand.

  • Voiceovers
  • Foreign Language Voiceovers
  • Sound Booth
  • Editing & Post Production
  • Podcast Production Service
  • Zoom, Skype & ‘Down the Line’

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Webinars & Streaming

Webinar production and live stream production company hampshire

Fully integrated service, streaming live and pre-recorded webinars for clients worldwide since 2006.

  • Sound Booth
  • Location & ‘Down the Line’
  • Presentation Editing
  • Branded Registration Pages
  • Interactive Viewing Pages
  • Viewing Statistics

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AV Skills Training

Training available for video production, presenations skills, etc

We can help you shoot and edit your own videos for employee and customer communications.

  • Planning & Scripts
  • Shooting (Framing & Lighting)
  • Kit Advice
  • Editing
  • Titles & Graphics
  • Output Formats

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COVID-19 & Business Continuity

It's 'business as usual'. We are following the TV Production Guidelines on managing the risk of Coronavirus in audio and video production.  Please contact us for any further information.

The Mayflower 400 DVD

Exploring the historical back-story of the Mayflower and Speedwell sailing in 1620, and the reasons for the ‘Great Migration’ to the New World.