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Webinars – why they should be part of your Content Marketing Strategy

Learn the advantages webinars and how to use this key marketing tool to replace live events.

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Employee Communication / Training

Having engaged and motivated employees is critical for all organisations – public and private sector. Research by the CIPD and others shows that regular and effective communications and training is very important. We have worked with many organisations in the

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Presentation Skills Training in Hampshire – Free Assessment session

Being able to give a great presentation is a skill – not an art. Skills can be learnt and improved. Presenting, like other skills, is improved with practice. Equally important is understanding some of the basic ‘rules’ of making a good

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3 Top Tips to Maximise Your Audience using Webinars

Having run our own events and helped clients with theirs we know just how much effort is needed to run a successful seminar or trade show.

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Free guide to using Video for Marketing, HR, Training and Customer Services

Video is a powerful and flexible communication and training tool.

We have produced a number of versions of a free Guide sharing the latest research in terms of growth and use of video. We have also included examples on how video can be used effectively across a range of functions like Marketing, HR, Training and Customer Services.

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What to look for in a camera under £1000

Whilst we use professional video cameras and equipment for our work, most of our clients do not want to invest such large amounts of money.

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Using video to raise awarness -Pollution Response: Prepare & Prevent

Avoiding a pollution incident in the first place is obviously critical, but accidents will happen and the crew that is well drilled will be the one that is best placed to deal with an emergency situation.

The film opens with a fictitious news story about an accident where the crew were totally unprepared and a damaging pollution incident followed. We close using a similar story where the well-drilled crew had everything under control, there was no pollution and hence no damaging repercussions.

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