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Cunard’s Three Queens leave Southampton.

On the 10th of May we at Focus were lucky enough to have ‘The Three Queens’ sail past our studios in Hamble on their journey from Southampton. Despite initially missing the ships sailing into port (at around 6am!) we were lucky enough to capture the ships as they left.

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Southampton, Video Production


Audio and Video production in Southampton, Hampshire

Southampton, Hampshire,  video production company. Based in the heart of Hampshire we’ve been creating high quality sound and video for marketing, human resources, employee communications and training for over 30 years.

In that time we have built up an expertise in the production of podcasts, webinars, online/ web video, event coverage, promotional videos, training videos,  e-learning, corporate videos and E- newsletters.  We have helped business in Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Hampshire to reach a wider market.

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We have produced video and audio for clients in the the food, health and safety, tourism and maritime industry. We have also worked with the emergency services  producing training videos and improving employee communications.

Opposite is a video showing some of the client logos we’ve animated for the ‘sting’ (start) of video content we have produced for them.While only a short part of the video they are in many ways the most important as they ensure the audience is fully engaged and motivated enough to watch the rest.The ‘sting’ also acts as a visual and audio branding for the company by animating their static logo and adding carefully selected music. The treatment has to encapsulate and represent the values, personality and culture that the organisation wishes to portray publicly so must be done with great care and attention to detail. Once designed the ‘sting’ can be used on all future videos for as long as the organisation retains the same logo.

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Video and Audio Production and ISDN Studio in Hampshire


Video and Audio Production in Southampton, Hampshire

We are an audio and video production company with in-house studios and edit suites in Southampton, Hampshire, UK.  We create content and campaigns for marketing, advertising, employee communications and training.  We also provide A-V services for events, conferences and product launches around the world which includes recording and live streaming presentations and product demos.  We have been producing webinars and podcasts for clients for over 9 years.  Our in-house ISDN connected studios regularly produce multi-lingual TV and radio ads and voice-overs.

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Client Work: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service


We have worked with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service over the years on a number of training and communication projects.

As an emergency response and rescue service it is critical that their officers are well trained.  They achieve this via a mix of training exercises and classroom instruction.

When asked to help record an exercise or create video based training resources our task is to always fully understand the objectives and usage so we can optimise the videos design by preparing a suitable script and shot list.

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Over the years we have produced many different types of promotional videos to boost tourism for visitor attractions around the country.  For each attraction, which could be a location, hotel, building or even an event, we look at the type of visitor they want to attract and what tools and techniques they are currently using such as web site, e-mail, advertising and social media. Once we understand the objective and what the current marketing strategy is we can decide how best to use audio and video content to help. Some promotional videos are created by attending an open day or the event itself and filming it and others by preparing a storyboard, shot list (sometimes including aerial shots) and script and filming that and then adding music, captions, titles or a voice-over as required. We can then use our own social media accounts to maximise awareness of the content and link through to it.
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