Congress objective
To better understand not only the barriers for behavior change, but also the initiatives that motivate healthier diet and lifestyle choices.

Food in Action, a novel approach
Obesity and overweight are chronic conditions influenced by a multitude of factors. They are the result of energy imbalance over a long period of time. Individual behaviours, environmental factors, and genetics all contribute to the complexity of the obesity epidemic. However, individual behaviour and the environment are the greatest areas for prevention and treatment.
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Challenging obesity through motivation and behavioural change

After the 2005 conference on “Determinants of Food Choice”, Food in Action 2007 looked at the motivational and behavioural aspects of obesity. Starting with how food choice develops in a young age, through consumer's attitudes and behaviour towards food label information, Food in Action 2007 investigated the influence of the environment and the importance that psychological aspects play in the onset of obesity in an early age. Finally, the important role of physical activity in energy balance was tackled, together with ongoing initiatives and programmes aiming at finding solutions.

Preview interview with Dr Josephine Wills - Director General EUFIC

We talked to Dr Wills recently about the conference.


Full details, individual audio files, PowerPoint presentations and biographies are available on the Day 1 and Day 2 page via the tabs at the top.



Conference Day 1

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