You can achieve anything with a bit of Focus.

We asked our clients to describe our audio and video work with them and they said

“Creative. Expert. Can-do people. Resourceful. Experienced. Responsive. Professional. Supportive. Friendly”

We think that sums us up perfectly!

Video production service in Southampton, Hampshire area

We’re creative

We create audio and video solutions to communications challenges, making client messages inspiring and impactful whatever the audience, format or platform. We harness creativity and make it work hard for our clients.

We’re experts at what we do

Since our first video in 1979, we have never stopped learning, improving and striving to improve quality and client results. From video and audio production to webcasting and event AV support, to 360i video we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

We’re can-do people

We’ll find a way to deliver on your budget and reach the target you set, no matter how restrictive or ambitious.

We’re resourceful and experienced

Over the years we’ve seen tremendous changes in the media landscape. The technology, the delivery platforms and how people access and use content. By embracing all those changes and the opportunities they provide, we have continued to grow and improve our service to clients. Our biggest change was in 2004 when we merged our video production studios with a marketing communications agency to create a ‘full service’ digital media communications agency specialising in audio and video. That means we can help with everything from strategy, to creative treatment, to production, campaign management, hosting, analytics and archive management.

And finally, as our clients know, we pride ourselves on our friendly, responsive service, professionalism and the support we provide through advice and consultancy, and becoming an extension of your team.